I have just watched adjusters with 20 years experience moved

to tears by your Settlement Documentary - a technique that

communicates so much more about a case and its potential than

anything I could say or write.

                                                                       Don Hinkle

                                                                  Hinkle & Foran, P.A.

                                                                  Tallahassee, FL

Thank you for all the outstanding work you have done for the

Academy.  You and your staff's professionalism goes above and

beyond the call of duty, and your ability to adapt to stressful

situations and somehow always get us in under deadline

makes working with you a pleasure.

                                                                       Scott Carruthers

                                                                 Florida Justice Association

                                                                 Tallahassee, FL

We settled the first case against IBM and the chemical company

defendants.  Thank you for producing an extremely powerful and

compelling set of negotiation and Settlement Documentaries.

Without exception, each and every person who has viewed them

has been very moved by the manner in which you were able to

tell this important story.  Since the settlement, there have been

TV and print reporters who have reported on this story. Though I believe they have done a sold job, the pale in

comparison to the manner in which you were able to capture

the essence of our lawsuit.

                                                              Bill DeProspo

                                                              DeProspo, Petrizzo, Longo & Bartlett

                                                              New York, NY

Your staff did an excellent job of having the family talk about

their horrific experiences.  The understated nature of the entire

production gives it substantial impact.

                                                                              Bill Walker

                                                                        Walker & Morgan

                                                                        Lexington, SC

The Settlement Documentary you put together was extremely

powerful when played at mediation.  The adjuster was visibly

moved, and the defendant was clearly choking back tears.

The offer was more than we anticipated - which I attribute

directly to your fine work!

                                                                              Lee “Tad” Griffin

                                                                        Pajcic & Pajcic, P.A.

                                                                        Jacksonville, FL

Please communicate me deep appreciation to your team for

the Settlement Documentary produced in our recent wrongful

death claim. Largely due to the personal interviews conducted

with family members, we were able to show the compelling loss

suffered as a result of the death of this caring, committed father

and husband.  Your team's ability to create a realistic animation

of the crash scenario made our liability argument come vividly

to life.

                                                                        Roy B. Dalton

                                                                        Dalton & Carpenter, P.A.

                                                                        Orlando, FL